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Restrepo (2010) Directed by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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Vought F4U Corsair looses its load of rockets on a run against a Japanese stronghold on Okinawa, June 1945. [838x1024]


1982 Royal Marine Commando, Falklands conflict

A photographer, Thom Atkinson, has documented 13 military kits in a series called ‘Soldiers Inventories’. I’ve picked a few to share with you guys over a couple of posts so they can be enjoyed individually, in all their glory. It will also show which are the most popular kits. 

By its very nature, war requires a soldier to be prepared for every possible eventuality. The sheer amount of gear that is demanded by this level of preparedness means good pack configuration is a necessity. It is really interesting to see how a soldiers carry has developed over time, so I encourage you all to check out the full set here

Thanks to thenewartemis for their post that reminded me about seeing this in their post here. Below is a breakdown of what is featured above:

  1. High leg boots; the marines were the only service personnel to have high leg boots, the army had ankle-high boots
  2. Black nuclear biological chemical (NBC) protective over boots
  3. Putty– a long strip fabric wrapped around trouser leg and three pairs of socks
  4. Arctic pattern mittens with waterproof outers
  5. Two pairs of gloves – Northern Ireland standard issue black leather gloves and white cotton contact gloves for handling weapons in arctic conditions
  6. Vests, underpants and standard issue G10 wristwatch
  7. Personal items including money, cigarettes and lighter
  8. Arctic parka with hood
  9. Thermal lining jacket
  10. Camouflage windproof trousers, green thermal trousers and ‘housewife’, a canvas pouch with spare buttons and needle and thread to repair clothes in the field
  11. White lightweight nylon over suit to wear when the weather is snowing
  12. Camouflage windproof jacket, green woollen jumper and shirt
  13. Royal Marines beret
  14. Royal Marine steel helmet with camouflage net
  15. British army cold weather cap
  16. Water bottle
  17. Scarf
  18. British army notebook and pens, compass and protractor, which were used for marking maps, for example plotting minefields. Below a clasp knife, can opener and blade
  19. 35m film camera, personal effects
  20. Torch
  21. Wash kit, including soap, razor, comb and toothbrush
  22. Jacket and trousers for NBC suit
  23. F6 respirator and spare filter
  24. Field dressing
  25. Decontamination kit
  26. Fuller’s earth, similar talcum powder, preserves gas mask rubber
  27. Detector paper – Nuclear biological detector kit used to detect poisonous chemicals
  28. Knife, fork, spoon and can opener
  29. Aluminium mess tins
  30. Hexamine cooker
  31. Arctic 24 hour ration pack, including tin of bacon roll, spam, tinned beans, chicken curry, suet pudding, boiled sweets, tea bags and toilet paper. Mars bars were available to buy on the ship on the way over and were prized possessions
  32. Plastic mug
  33. Pair of waterproof gators
  34. Sandbag – every soldier carried at least one; used to fortify positions by digging dirt to fill the hessian bag
  35. Marine issued Bergen rucksack, with a carry mat. Below it an arctic sleeping bag in waterproof case
  36. Shovel
  37. 66m anti tank weapon – disposable one shot rocket launcher
  38. Suit sight with 4x magnifaction, which goes on rifle; during the Falklands conflict the night vision scope was widely issued of the first time
  39. Individual weapon sight
  40. Rifle cleaning kit
  41. Long green ammunition band – 762 linked ammunition for the squad general purpose machine guns
  42. Six spare magazines
  43. Black insulation tape and No 83 smoke grenade
  44. 2 x L2A2 fragmentation grenades
  45. Clansman 349 radio with an earpiece and throat microphone that picks up on the vibration of the voice
  46. Bayonet
  47. Cotton bandolier containing 50 rounds
  48. (left) loading tool for magazines (r) protector for the foresight
  49. L1a1 rifle self loading rifle; a very light, accurate and powerful rifle that fired 7.62mm rounds
  50. Dog tags

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